Desert Treasure

The desert often has a reputation for being sparse or barren and when I first moved here nearly 20 years ago, I found that I carried a lot of assumptions about how the desert is and was pleasantly surprised to find the desert was full of magic and beauty and not at all what I assumed it to be.
One of the biggest surprises was when spring came and the cactus suddenly bloomed with the most beautiful flowers I have ever witnessed. I call them the desert's secret treasure.
This spring, after all the much needed rains from this winter, the cactus have been producing quite the show of blossoms.  I am happy to be able to share a little of this desert treasure with you.  All the photos were taken at our property here in Southeast Arizona...

Chain Cholla Blossoms

Prickley Pear Blossoms

Bird of Paradise ( not a cactus )

 Hedge Hog Cactus

More Prickley Pear flowers

Blessings of beauty and wonder to you all!


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