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Taking time out for what you love

As I was on the way home from my job this afternoon, I had an interesting experience that I thought might be worth sharing...As I looked to the south I became mesmerized by the beauty of the mountains; the way the light and shadows were playing together and the inviting warm colors of the end of a Fall, desert day. I had that welling up of inspiration to try and capture the moment.   I was tired though, it had been a long work day and I found myself saying "just go home; now is not a good time".  It was then when I suddenly saw how I continuely spoil those magical moments when I could stop and paint or sketch, by feeling that I'm not up for it or that I can do it in the future, convincing myself that I have other more important things to do. I hit the brakes and pulled over. I keep my art bag in the car with me at all times and I pulled out the sketchbook, watercolor travel kit and tripod stool to sit on. 20 minutes later I was driving down the road energized and happy, …