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Farewell my sweet little friend...

Tonight is a sad night as we lost our kitty this afternoon.  She was 17 years old and had been ill for a couple weeks, so it wasn't entirely unexpected. After 17 years, though, they are no longer a pet, they are a member of the family.  She showed up out of the desert and now she has returned.  She lived a full and amazing life...I will miss her very much...

Are we loosing our freedom yet again??

I heard this report on the radio last night - I couldn't believe it!!
McCain proposing a bill to make supplements available only through doctor's perscription?
I am a supplement user and have been for a long time.  I believe that the best medicine is "preventive" medicine.  Supplements have helped in my health and well being so much over the years.  So much of people's ailments today, whether physical or mental, are due to vitamin deficiency.  Bi-polar difficulties, for example, are greatly due to a lack of vitamin B's.
This is yet again a product of greed.  A way to make more money off us, at the cost of our freedom to take care of our selves how we choose.
I actually am not big on the politics scene and don't normally get involved but this was upsetting...

Mandala Coasters

I got an idea to do hand painted mandala coasters yesterday...
The first one!

Time out

I had an interesting experience that I thought worthy of sharing... Over the last little while I have noticed an increase in feelings of being frantic, sped up, anxious and not sleeping well. In the world we live in now days, this can be a common experience. As an experiment I decided that I was going to take a break from the computer and the phone and so I shut everything off. I noticed right away a sense of something missing and feelings of needing to do something but I did not sway - I stayed with it and all those pressures started slipping away.  I put on some relaxing music and sat quietly.  After some time I got up and started cleaning the clutter of the studio - my areas to work in were getting smaller and smaller - it was energizing to create some order with the time I would normally be giving to maintaining all my web presences or returning phone calls.  I noticed that I was no longer experiencing those frantic feelings and when I got tired I went to bed and slept peacefully t…

Rainbow Mandala

Here is the latest creation...
                   12" x 12" acrylic on hardboard
                  custom made floater style frame

I named it "Prime" because after designing it, in the attempt to find an evenly divided pattern became tricky when I discovered the math of the design was a prime number. Don't ask how I got it evenly divided because I won't be able to tell you...I winged it and got lucky!
This is now available in my Etsy shop.

Art and Poetry

Happy Valentine's day everyone!
So today I decided to put some order into my bookshelf and came across an old, stained copy of the poetry/art book that my mother and I made 16 years ago.  It was a fun little project to do together. My mother was into writing poetry at the time and she asked if I would do some illustrations for her poems and construct a little book. As I flipped through and read it, I suddenly became compelled to share it.  She wrote such wonderful poetry...she hasn't written any since. I guess it was one of those magical moments in time that will never happen again and I am so glad we have this book to remember it by. Here is a poem and the painting that went with it.  This was a Sumi-e painting... That Unspeakable and Nameless Beauty by Veronica Baker

Whisps of rain are falling now tendrils of delicate wetness that turn to angry flashes  and walls of water tumbling down.
The desert waits ready to receive freely taking the gift of the sky as it is freely given.
And in return…

New Aceos

Here are two ACEOs completed recently...
Tibetan Buddhist and Australian Aboriginal designs...interesting combo:)

The Dualistic Mind

Today I found myself pondering how we seem to live in a dualistic reality, so I began questioning this...
Everything seems to be split in two, for example:
body and mind
right and wrong
good and evil
hot and cold
light and dark
day and night
up and down
male and female
love and hate
and so on...what I found myself asking was " is that the extent of my options?" " 1 or 2?"
When one considers the vastness of this world, Universe, life and all the possibilities that exist, are you telling me there are just TWO options? Why not three? Why not 50?! My point, I guess, is that I think we get stuck in an "either/or" frame of mind, when in truth, there are a myriad of possibilities.  I think that the benefits of having an open mind is that it gives rise to options. Close-mindedness is being stuck in a dualistic brain; hung up on one side or the other, giving all one's energy over to upholding a certain view - politics is a beautiful example of that.

Interestingly, the sym…

ACEO - A new found love

I'm huddled in my studio today, trying to stay warm. It's raining again...if it weren't for the cactus everywhere, I would think I was back living in Washington! I live in southeast Arizona where we have been in a 15+ year drought and I do believe that the start to this year is changing that...
So, whilst I am huddled in the studio, I am making the best of it and being creative. I have heard of ACEO ( art card, editions and originals)for some time and left it on the back burner until this weekend. I tried my first one and I think I'm in love. I'm a detail freak, so working on such a small canvas is such challenging fun! 

         "Fig Trees" acrylic on canvas paper 2.5" x 3.5"

I will definitely continue to create these little guys and have them up for sale on the Etsy shop soon!