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"Evening Crescendo" 10x20 oil on canvas

During the months of July and August here in Arizona, the summer skies were doing their evening magic with sunset after sunset, each one seemingly trying to out-do the next in color explosion and jaw dropping beauty. Has to be one of the biggest highlights of where I live and undoubtedly lends to extreme inspiration for painting. Speaking of which, I dove into a series of skyscapes inspired by these sunsets and found myself immersed in the discovery of color harmonies and abstract expression, which sky and clouds can make it easy to explore both those elements of painting. Very fun to do and I plan to continue more of these studies with a graduation into some larger works. Here are some of those studies which I also have available for sale through Daily Paintworks. Click on the provided links for further info and purchasing - enjoy!
"Cloud Drama" 9x12 in. oil on linen CLICK HERE for more info.

"Cloud Drama II"  8x10…