Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Upcoming Holiday Events

I'm excited to announce I've been invited to exhibit at the Willcox tasting room of award winning Aridus Wine Co.! I will have a number of  paintings on display as well as some recent charcoal drawings. Miniatures, small works and greeting cards will also be available just in time for the holidays! The opening reception is December 3rd from 1-3pm and the show will be on display through the month of December.

Also taking place in December is the first annual "A Painting's a Painting No Matter How Small" show put on by TwoTen Fine Art Gallery in San Antonio, Texas, which I was pleased to learn my small painting " Escalante Pasture" was accepted into. Click Here for show details.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

"Escalante Pasture" Receives Some Love!

"Escalante Pasture" 8x8 in. oil on canvas panel

I was super excited to get notified not just once but twice in the same day that my little painting of Escalante had first been accepted into the small works show at TwoTen Fine Art Gallery in San Antonio, TX, and then got notified that it won a Judge's pick in DPW's monthly contest - a big thank you to judge Diane Hoeptner! 
 Escalante, Utah, is one of my all time favorite places and loved painting this scene... So happy!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2016


"Evening Crescendo" 10x20 oil on canvas

During the months of July and August here in Arizona, the summer skies were doing their evening magic with sunset after sunset, each one seemingly trying to out-do the next in color explosion and jaw dropping beauty. Has to be one of the biggest highlights of where I live and undoubtedly lends to extreme inspiration for painting. Speaking of which, I dove into a series of skyscapes inspired by these sunsets and found myself immersed in the discovery of color harmonies and abstract expression, which sky and clouds can make it easy to explore both those elements of painting. Very fun to do and I plan to continue more of these studies with a graduation into some larger works. Here are some of those studies which I also have available for sale through Daily Paintworks. Click on the provided links for further info and purchasing - enjoy!

"Cloud Drama" 9x12 in. oil on linen
CLICK HERE for more info.

"Cloud Drama II"  8x10 in. oil on linen
CLICK HERE for more info.

 "Crescent" 8x6 in. oil on canvas panel
CLICK HERE for more info.

 "Crescent II" 12x6 in. oil on canvas
CLICK HERE for more info.

"Arizona in July" 8x6 in. oil on canvas panel
CLICK HERE for auction and bidding info.

"Sky in July" 7x5 in. oil on linen panel
CLICK HERE for auction and bidding info.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Painting, Dancing Horses & Garlic Ice Cream??

Triangle T Guest Ranch 7th Annual Garlic Festival

On July 30th & 31st, I was invited to participate in a garlic festival held near Dragoon, AZ., in Texas Canyon at the beautiful Triangle T Guest Ranch. I not only had a booth with art to sell (first time adventure), but also did live demonstration painting both days! What a great experience!! Smells of garlic wafted through the air, garlic everything was available and when I say everything... how about garlic ice cream??Of which was sold out both days and I never got to try :( 
Both days ended with a show of dancing horses - an impressive scene to behold. Some horses looked to be natural dancers, others looked more like controlled tantrums lol!

In preparation for the festival I painted a series of small garlic still life paintings, which was a fun discipline and found myself learning a great deal in the process. Who knew the variations one could achieve painting garlic! However,  4 days of modeling garlic in a bowl, had my studio warding off Vampires lol! I can still smell it!!
Here are those garlic studies created...

"Garlic I" 5x7 in. oil study on linen
Starting bid $65 Buy it now $85
see listing HERE
"Garlic II" 6x6 in. oil study on canvas panel
Starting bid $65 Buy it now $85
See listing HERE 
"Garlic III" 6x6 in. oil study on canvas panel
Starting bid $65 Buy it now $85
See listing HERE

"Garlic IV" 6x6 in. oil on canvas panel

Starting bid $65  Buy it now $85
See listing HERE

What a great time! So happy to have gotten to experience a garlic festival!


Saturday, July 9, 2016

2016 is a great year!

The year of 2016 has been nothing but amazing thus far, beginning with winning a Best in Show, a Best in Landscape, a People's Choice and a Judge's Choice award! There were many adventures and events attended as well, including the Plein Air Convention and Expo held in Tucson, Arizona in April, the Bisbee Plein Air Festival in May, also in May I held my first ever plein air workshop with 10 students, and most recently I was super excited to participate in the Maynard Dixon Camp Out as a guest artist in Mount Carmel, Utah!
What an amazing experience getting to see the grounds and studio of Maynard Dixon, not to mention meeting great artists! The landscape is of course gorgeous there in southern Utah and I got a lot of painting time in as well.

This path with art continues to grow and expand and I am truly grateful for all of the support and encouragement along the way. I am fortunate to have met some amazing people that have helped me realize this dream of being a full time artist. Thank you so much!!!...

Highlights from the Plein Air Convention...

 The paint out line up in the wash at Catalina State Park. What a line up too!

 Painting with Brad Holt at our host Marlene Whitlock's house in Tucson.

 They joke about the artists being rockstars...not sure if it's a joke lol! Dave Santillanes after giving his demo.

Last day of the convention I got to paint with some greats! (left to right) Bill Cramer, me, Brad Holt and Joshua Been. What a blast!

Some highlights from the 2016 Maynard Dixon Camp Out...

Painting in Johnson Canyon with Glenn Renell and Joe Nicoletti.

A plein air piece painted along the Virgin River
"Around the Bend"
12x9 in. oil on linen panel

Painting early morning light along the Virgin River.
 A scene through the window of Maynard Dixon's Studio of the wet paint sale.

The interior of Maynard Dixon's Studio.

"Timeless" 12x12 in. plein air oil on canvas panel
Diana's Thrown - a very popular scene to be painted in Mount Carmel. Dixon painted it several times himself. I thought I should give it a try in honor of the event :)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Day of Beginnings and Transitions

Giving a value study demo for the class (photo courtesy of Clement Scott)

So, not only was the day of March 20th the first day of Spring, the new moon, AND a solar eclipse, it was also my first day of teaching a class and giving a demo! Of course it was a very nervous day for me, and I'm pretty sure I drove my family and close friends a little nuts with all that nervousness, but it was also a very exciting day that ended up being such a great experience. For one thing, I learned that I actually enjoy teaching, and even more so, giving a demo!

A progression of my black and white value study (photo courtesy of Louise Walden)

This class was part of the Art 130 course at the Cochise College in Benson, Arizona, taught by friend and fellow artist Clement Scott. He had invited me to be guest instructor for the introductory day of landscape painting. I am very grateful for the opportunity and so happy I was talked into it! The students were great too! There is something about being around that eager excitement to learn that is so inspiring. That I can share techniques and advice, and help them to better their painting experience in some way, was such a good feeling!
So I guess that March 20th was a day of beginnings and transitions, not only in the case of an Equinox or celestial event, but also in the facing of challenges, learning, and the continuation of placing one foot in front of the other down this path with art.  :)
Follow your heart! Do what you love!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ~ Laozi


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Recap Of Events

"Old Practice" 6x12 in. oil painting, one of three pieces that was accepted and sold at the 
Albuquerque Museum Miniatures and More Exhibition Fundraiser in November 2014

So, I came to realize that it had been 5 months since I wrote a blog post! It is shocking how time is flying by these days. It just so happens that those past 5 months contained some very post-worthy events that I am going to do my best to recap and get us up to date here.
I was deeply honored and thrilled when I received the acceptance notice that I was juried into the 2014 Miniatures and More Exhibition fundraiser at the Albuquerque Museum of Art. I may have unleashed some squeals of excitement upon finding out. The show started at the end of October and ran through November. I entered three pastoral/landscape pieces and only two returned home...  the above painting had sold during the show!

Also in November was the Heather Green Studio's Annual Anniversary Show. The theme was flowers (yay!) and I was currently having a fascination with lily ponds, so guess what I entered in the show? Yup...

"Pond Blossoms" 8x8 in. oil painting currently available through 55 Main Gallery

In December ( I wish I had some photos to share for this), I was invited to be the Judge for the Christmas Fine Art Show in Willcox, AZ.  That was a first for me, and how challenging it was to be in that position! The one to say which work of art stands above the rest - not an easy task!! I had a blast though.

"Fragile Friends" 2.5x3.5 in. miniature oil painting

February 2015 was the month of miniature paintings! The Sulfur Springs 18th International Miniature and Small Works show was on display for the month of February, and two of my pieces sold from the show.  The show was a success this year for sure!

 Also in February I was asked to be guest speaker on miniature painting at the San Pedro River Arts Council monthly lunch and learn meeting. I spoke to a full room for an hour and 15 min. and apparently the consensus is that it was a great presentation, everyone learned a lot and enjoyed it. I'm glad to hear it! I was so nervous!! lol

This month (March) is the Celebrate The Arts Fine Art Show going on all month. The reception on the 7th was a blast and one of my paintings received a special cash award. I was a happy girl!! Here are some highlights from that...

With the award winning painting...

Great turnout!...

Clement Scott giving his painting Demo with a live model...

There was a flutist providing a nice atmosphere during the reception.

Now last but not least, on March 20th which is this week, I was invited to be guest instructor on landscape painting for Clement Scott's Art 130 class at the Cochise College Benson Center. Yeah, really excited about this! Hoping it goes well.

So I think that brings us up to date, and I fully intend to do a better job posting on here. I still can't believe it's been 5 months!...