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Plein air in my driveway!

Sometimes I find I take for granted places I see day after day, like my driveway, and skip over potential paintings because of this. So...I set up my easel in the driveway, and in no time at all, was inspired to paint. My focus landed on the shadows cast by the Salt Pine tree. 
"Driveway Shadows" 6" x 6" oil on canvas panel 

Adventures in Plein Air Painting - The Amerind Foundation

"Afternoon At The Amerind"                             6" x 8" oil on canvas panel
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My friend Clement Scott and I had a recent plein air adventure near the Amerind Foundation in Dragoon, Arizona.

 It is an area full of history, and about a million paintings waiting to happen! We had a blast, and this painting is the result of that day.   If ever in this neck of the woods, a visit to the Amerind Foundation is a definite must! Well worth it.