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Heart Blossom

"Heart Blossom" original ACEO pen and ink Etsy shop
For whatever the reason, I have found myself exploring a style of drawing that I used to do a long time ago. My start onto the creative path began in pen and ink drawings. As a young person I would spend hours drawing flowers or animals. I would draw a simple shape on that intimidating blank piece of paper and it would unfold amazing and fantastical creatures and flowers. There is a freedom in youth, that often gets snuffed out with age. I worry, stress and plan now. I stared at that blank ACEO yesterday and remembered how it used to be and this flower emerged - it filled me with joy to feel that freedom again. No ideas, no planning just pure creation. I suppose you could call it doodling, although doodling implies your attention is elsewhere. I guess maybe attentive doodling it could be called.I would prefer not to call it anything really...