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Expecting Results Leads to Soulless Art.

I took a walk in the desert yesterday. I was overcome with the urge to be in nature and do some sketching, so off I went, through the jungle that used to be the desert...what? Well, with all the rains from this winter/spring, the desert has come alive and is exploding with vegetation - some plants coming up I have never seen in the 18 years I have lived here.

Anyway, after a short walk, I found the spot...I set up my shade and blanket and quickly began to draw. I was discouraged in a matter of minutes...this has been the pattern lately with my art, I have the enthusiasm but not the ability. I put the sketchbook down and began to ponder this. Over and over again, I have been running into this experience of forgetting to remember a few key elements of this artistic journey, such as, being in the moment, drawing or painting without the thought "will this sell?", not striving for results. At that moment it popped in my head "Expecting results leads to soulless art". I f…

Greeting Cards!

I am happy to say that my Etsy shop now has greeting cards!
This one would make a wonderful Mothers Day card...

"Tulip and Bubbles" digital painting 2009 5 x 7 blank greeting card w/envelope $5.00 + shipping  click here
This one would be great for a western fan...or a Ghost Riders fan!

"Ghost Riders in the Sky" oil on canvas 2008 5 x 7 blank greeting card w/envelope $5.00 + shipping click here

Fun with Printing!

Ok, so it's been a while since I posted. A lot has been happening, let's see, first of all I have  exciting news!  The "Art with Heart" gallery in Tempe, Arizona approached me to show the mandala paintings for three months!!
Next exciting thing is that I made the leap and bought a really nice printer so I can now make my own art prints from home. This is a huge learning and a lot of frustration at times working out the bugs but I am thrilled - the prints look amazing!
I have two currently available in my Etsy shop...

"Summer Cloud" 8" x 10" print of oil painting 2009 For Sale click here

"Castaneda Desert" 8" x 10" print of digital painting  2009 For Sale click here
I will continue to post and share prints as I make them. I also would love to get some advise if anyone wants to leave some. Mostly I would like to know about getting the colors on the monitor to match what comes out of the printer or vice versa. The digital paintings are n…