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Cochise County Plein Air Painters Portal Paint Out

Shown here left to right: Kaia Thomas, Don Dean, Clement Scott, Lili Laurin, Cynthia Rosen and Glenn Renell.  Not shown: Harry & Linda Stacy, Susan Akridge and Sarah Thomson.

Back in February I created a Facebook group called the Cochise County Plein Air Painters. My intention was to provide artists and art lovers in our area, along with artists who enjoy painting and exploring in our area, a place to come together and share art, photos, paint out opportunities, pretty much anything related to our beautiful Cochise County and painting outdoors. After inviting those who I thought would appreciate the group, it quickly sprang to life with enthusiasm - paintings and photos of loved locations were shared, and an interest in Portal, Arizona arose. In a very short amount of time a paint out had been planned and reservations were made for the first weekend of April to paint in Portal! 

 Located on the extreme eastern edge of Cochise County, only a few miles from the New Mexico border, Port…