Fun with Printing!

Ok, so it's been a while since I posted. A lot has been happening, let's see, first of all I have  exciting news!  The "Art with Heart" gallery in Tempe, Arizona approached me to show the mandala paintings for three months!!
Next exciting thing is that I made the leap and bought a really nice printer so I can now make my own art prints from home. This is a huge learning and a lot of frustration at times working out the bugs but I am thrilled - the prints look amazing!
I have two currently available in my Etsy shop...

"Summer Cloud"
8" x 10" print of oil painting 2009

"Castaneda Desert"
8" x 10" print of digital painting  2009

I will continue to post and share prints as I make them. I also would love to get some advise if anyone wants to leave some. Mostly I would like to know about getting the colors on the monitor to match what comes out of the printer or vice versa. The digital paintings are not a problem, it's just digital pictures of my work that I struggle with. 


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