Time out

I had an interesting experience that I thought worthy of sharing...
Over the last little while I have noticed an increase in feelings of being frantic, sped up, anxious and not sleeping well. In the world we live in now days, this can be a common experience. As an experiment I decided that I was going to take a break from the computer and the phone and so I shut everything off. I noticed right away a sense of something missing and feelings of needing to do something but I did not sway - I stayed with it and all those pressures started slipping away.  I put on some relaxing music and sat quietly.  After some time I got up and started cleaning the clutter of the studio - my areas to work in were getting smaller and smaller - it was energizing to create some order with the time I would normally be giving to maintaining all my web presences or returning phone calls.  I noticed that I was no longer experiencing those frantic feelings and when I got tired I went to bed and slept peacefully through the night. I awoke the next day feeling very rested and relaxed.
I think that I will work to make time for this in my life;  take deliberate pauses from cyberspace. 
  I recommend highly to anyone who may share those feelings of pressure and anxiety to give this a try. It was amazingly simple yet effective. 


Caio Fernandes said…
you have wonderful works on this blog Kaia .
it is very nice to "meet" you .
see you !

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