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Happy Valentine's day everyone!

So today I decided to put some order into my bookshelf and came across an old, stained copy of the poetry/art book that my mother and I made 16 years ago.  It was a fun little project to do together. My mother was into writing poetry at the time and she asked if I would do some illustrations for her poems and construct a little book.
As I flipped through and read it, I suddenly became compelled to share it.  She wrote such wonderful poetry...she hasn't written any since. I guess it was one of those magical moments in time that will never happen again and I am so glad we have this book to remember it by.
Here is a poem and the painting that went with it.  This was a Sumi-e painting...
That Unspeakable and Nameless Beauty
by Veronica Baker

Whisps of rain are falling now
tendrils of delicate wetness
that turn to angry flashes 
and walls of water
tumbling down.

The desert waits
ready to receive
freely taking the gift of the sky
as it is freely given.

And in return the desert gives
with breathless silence
and eternal grace
that unspeakable and nameless beauty
of its own.


Anonymous said…
Hi Kaia,
Your artwork never gets old. Love you, V.

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