The Dualistic Mind

Today I found myself pondering how we seem to live in a dualistic reality, so I began questioning this...
Everything seems to be split in two, for example:
body and mind
right and wrong
good and evil
hot and cold
light and dark
day and night
up and down
male and female
love and hate
and so on...what I found myself asking was " is that the extent of my options?" " 1 or 2?"
When one considers the vastness of this world, Universe, life and all the possibilities that exist, are you telling me there are just TWO options? Why not three? Why not 50?! My point, I guess, is that I think we get stuck in an "either/or" frame of mind, when in truth, there are a myriad of possibilities.  I think that the benefits of having an open mind is that it gives rise to options. Close-mindedness is being stuck in a dualistic brain; hung up on one side or the other, giving all one's energy over to upholding a certain view - politics is a beautiful example of that.

Interestingly, the symbol Yin and Yang is not necessarily a representation of dualism. It is, in fact, a depiction of how opposing forces are actually interconnected.  It's the symbol of balance...each exists within each other, forming a third thing - harmony or balance.  I like to remember that there's the third thing.  If life were like walking a tight rope - to the left you fall, to the right you fall but maintain your balance and you walk right down the middle.  The middle way...the third thing...the myriad of other possibilities.
  Something to ponder anyway....


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