Plein Air Painting in Utah - Spencer Flats

"Spencer Flats"
9" x 12" framed
plein air oil on gesso board
 Click here to see the auction!
Starting bid is $125

So, back in September I attended the Escalante Canyons Plein Air Competition, where I ended up winning the Award of Merit! It was my first time visit to that part of Utah, with it's red rock canyons, and I must say, it did not disappoint! The land was breathtaking and magical, and to get to paint there for the art festival was like icing on the cake. "Spencer Flats", ( scene above ), was one of the many magical spots I got to paint in.  I really loved the complimentary colors that were naturally happening every where I looked. It wasn't hard to find a beautiful spot to paint. What was hard though, was the hurricane force winds that picked up that day, forcing me to seek protection behind the vehicle, where it was blocking the wind a little. All part of the charm of painting en plein air!
This painting is up for auction at Daily Paintworks. Happy bidding!


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