An Arizonian Paints Snow

The underpainting with a mixture of Dioxazine purple 
and Transparent Red Oxide.
I love snow...and being from Southeast Arizona, it is not something I often get to enjoy. Sometimes during the holidays we get a short lived snow storm, but not this year (so far). The other day on the phone, my father began telling of the beautiful pristine snow that had fallen over night in his small town of North Powder, OR. I really wanted to see it and asked him to please send some photos. He had been a photographer at one point in his life, and was good with composition, so when he sent the photos, one lept out at me in particular and I was inspired - I had to do a painting!

Establishing the darkest darks and lightest lights

Adding some color
 The finished painting
9" x 12" oil on canvas panel
It was a challenge, but a fun one - it happened to be my first ever snow painting!


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