Is Everything Speeding Up...

Ok, so who the heck hit the fast forward button on 2010??
Or the past few years for that matter...
I am finding it harder and harder to complete everything in a day - simple things even.
This has been the case and getting worse for some time.

I think the area of my life that has been hardest hit is in the creation of artwork. This constant feeling of having to race to get stuff done causes a great fatigue which is not conducive to inspiration at all! The creative expression process turns into any other job, which in my book is no good.

There are many discussions out there on the subject of time speeding up - a lot of them are related to 2012. The latest doom date to look forward to:) Or enlightening date to look forward to, depending on who you talk to. How I look at it, date or no date, what needs to be done in our lives is still the same. We all have this rather short opportunity here on this planet to experience life, find joy, learn what it means to be this human being and so on. So that, for me, is the focus - keep placing one foot in front of the other and stay in the moment best I can. This brings me back to my original point of time speeding up. It appears that staying in the moment has had the best results for slowing things down for me. Thinking is the worst kind of time and is the culprit for stress and anxiety. Thought and time, I say? Yes, can you have any thought in your head that is not based in either the future or the past. To stop thinking is to be in the present moment. Hard place to maintain as we live in a world that requires we think a lot but none the less it is very valuable to at least remember to take a pause from time to time. Easier said then done, I know:)
Anyone wish to share their take on the subject? It is most welcome of course...



Carol Brown said…
I think you are right on target Kaia. We can get so caught up in 'Doing' that we have no time for 'Being', and it's 'Being' that is the path to the artist's voice.

That can mean that one has to make choices in how we structure our life so that we support that essential meditative time, rather than trying to squeeze it in after all our busy-ness is done.
Kaia Thomas said…
This is a very good point. Learning how to prioritize our lives so that we don't continually put the most essential parts to the end. Taking care of the body, mind and spirit should come first and it so often gets pushed to the last and therefore often doesn't happen at all.
I think busy-ness is a habit. We get so used to it, that when those moments arise where there is nothing going on, we are quick to fill that space, out of the habit of 'Doing'. Over stimulation makes the mind dull and we continue to fill our much needed empty spaces to avoid that feeling of dullness. It's almost like a drug really. Like you said our 'down time' is crucial for the creative process. Thanks for the comment, Carol:)

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