Plein Air Adventure!

Yesterday was a magical day! A perfect day to go plein air painting!  Of course I appear to be a rain magnet and although it was a beautiful warm day, 20 minutes into painting it suddenly decides to act like it's summer monsoon season. Seriously whacky weather this year!

Of course plein air painting will always challenge when it begins to start pouring rain and your boyfriend is trying to be sweet and helpful by moving your easel to dry ground and accidentally dumps your pallete in the sand...ahhh, it is indeed a test of patience:)

So after a magical day of painting and we finally make it home the wind comes along and dumps my painting face first in the dirt...yep, another exciting plein adventure:) and yet I'm eager to go do it all over again.


Caio Fernandes said…
second and 4th photos ... umbelivable !
congratulation for the beautiful life !

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