Escalante Canyons Art Festival 2014

Macario Pascual and myself painting the Escalante River at the Kiva KoffeeHouse

I have just returned from yet another magical painting adventure in Escalante, Utah. It was my second year attending the Escalante Canyons Art Festival plein air competition.  Although I received no ribbons this year, I was, however, rewarded with beautiful scenery, new friendships, and wonderful hospitality. The people of Escalante, and the people volunteering and attending this festival, are largely the appeal for me going.
The artwork produced and entered in this year's competition was truly incredible!

View of the show

It was challenging this year, with the wet weather, and some nagging health issues - however, I remained focused and excited throughout the experience! I painted several pieces, at several locations during the week long event, and here is a sampling of three of my favorites...

"Backbone Bonsai" 10x8 in.
oil on linen panel

Painting "Backbone Bonsai" along Hell's Backbone Road
during Wednesday's paint out.

"Metate Arch" 10x8 in.
oil on linen panel

Painting "Metate Arch" at Devil's Garden
"Through the Hoodoos" 8x8 in.
oil on linen panel

Painting "Through the Hoodoos" at Devil's Garden

 I love this art festival! Once you go, the beauty of the land gets in your blood, and the community and fellow artists become family. I'm already looking forward to next year!


Susan Bellew said…
Hi Kaia,
Nice paintings and it was really wonderful to see what you had to say about the festival and the people there! I wanted to let you know that the "Hoo Doo" Arch in your work is actually called Metate Arch. I used to work and live there, (and helped start the festival so many years ago). I thought you might want the correct name incase someone wants to buy it. I'm sure you will create some great pieces!! I like your work. Hopefully I'll meet you there some year soon!
Kaia Thomas said…
Hi Susan,
Thank you for the compliments and info! The area is still so new to me, and I do enjoy learning the names of places and such. Yes, hopefully I will see you at the festival sometime.
Col said…
Its would be so easy to lose oneself here...

heat,light and colours...
hope many inspirations follow you over and over within the contours of your mind. all the best.

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