A Refreshing Perspective

"Refreshing Perspective"
9 x 12 oil on gesso hardboard
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     Although it's expected, living in the Arizona desert, for the summers to be brutally hot and often uncomfortable, this summer I found myself wondering how and why I was putting up with this extreme climate. This particular summer seemed, and many others agreed, to be more brutal than most. Although I have a cooler in the studio that manages to keep the temperature livable, when the outside temperature reaches 112, somehow it just never feels cool enough inside. This made painting an enduring challenge for several weeks. I suddenly found myself day dreaming of water...cool, refreshing water... I was inspired! Thus "Refreshing Perspective" was born. 
 progression of "Refreshing Perspective"

    While working on it, I felt that my longing for this setting was so strong that it really imbued the painting. I can't help but stare at this piece and actually start feeling refreshed. That is the true magic of painting right there! When it happens ( and it doesn't always happen ) it is such a boost. It can make those 10 previous, not so magical paintings disappear and recharge the creative spirit to keep on painting!
* UPDATE - I was invited to participate in the "Art of Arizona" section of the October issue of Southwest Art Magazine, and "Refreshing Perspective" was the image that went with it.

    Since completing this painting, the relief of the monsoon season has arrived. Really, it is my favorite time of year and makes enduring the initial harshness of summer so worth it. I am so grateful for this life, to be surrounded by such beauty and magic. There is also a gratefulness for the difficult parts as well, they not only strengthen my spirit,  they also give rise to a greater appreciation for the good parts. One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to take our lives for granted. 


Barton said…
Timely and timeless words Kaia
I found myself standing on o ridge of stone between two channels in a waterfall on the Guadeloupe this morning. unwilling to dip into either one for fear of what might be in the water. Had to walk away from the symbolism for fear of what might be in the teaching.
Have to dwell on the moment for fear of missing the point.
your art is a breath and an inspiration to me always
be well, have fun
Kaia Thomas said…
Beautiful insight, Bart! So happy to inspire:) Thank you!

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