A Path With Heart

April 13th, 2013
Taken during my show at 55 Main Gallery in Bisbee, AZ
pictured here are gallery owner Cristina Plascencia (left) and myself
with the artwork.

  I was having one of those insightful moments a few days ago and it lead me to the thought "I should write a post about that!" So here goes...

  It came to my attention that I have had this blog for nearly four years now. Of course, there were periods of time where I seemed to endlessly fail to find the time to write a post but I did my best to write when I could and share some important aspects of my journey and artworks I created.

  I had pondered in the beginning what to call my blog - I wanted it to be fun and interesting and of course pertain to what I was going to share - thus the play on words  A Path with "Art" was born. It wasn't until recently that this blog name took on a much more profound meaning for me.

 At the beginning of October 2012, at a very low point in my life, a shift happened that I have been riding ever since. This low point caused me to become daring and I decided that I wasn't interested in being miserable anymore and I was going to follow my heart. I quit my job and became a full time artist - aaaaahhh! Scary right? Here's the thing, at the moment of my decision everything fell into place. Out of nowhere, a benefactor stepped forward and offered to cover my rent in order for me to focus on painting (pinch me). Luke, my partner of 14 years stepped in with tremendous support, driving me places, making me frames and canvas'. 36 days later I landed a great gallery, the 55 Main Gallery in Bisbee, AZ and 42 days later I had sold 6 paintings! Sometime around the beginning of the new year, the gallery offered me their April featured artist spot. My own show! Which I think at this point I was in shock as to how everything was happening so fast and with such positive force. I became aware of how powerful following a path with heart could be.  I learned that when we are doing what we love, the Universe opens up and leads the way. All I had to do was have the daring to take the first step and recognize the opportunities when they were revealed to me. 
So now, the cute name I gave my blog, A Path With "Art", now has a more significant meaning for me and I highly recommend that everyone out there follow your heart! It's worth it


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