How does your garden grow?

It's growing awesome!! These pictures were taken a few days ago in our garden - the sunflowers are starting to bloom and it's stunning. This will be our 20th year of gardening here and it has been amazing season so far. In general, gardening in the desert is extreme and there is a constant struggle against the elements and critters...but this year is being kind and the plants are flourishing. This is also one of the reasons I have not posted in so long, lol, I had to trade computer time for garden time.
I hope everyone is doing well out there...these have been some rough times lately. Sending out some positive vibes to all♥♥♥


Artist/Painter said…
BEAUTIFUL! I am gardening on my balcony and it is very humid here in southern Ontario. Would LOVE to grow some sunflowers - yours are just gorgeous!
Kaia Thomas said…
Thank you, Gwen! Sunflowers are the way to go - they are so rewarding:))

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