Deer Painting

 "Deer 1"
3' x 2' oil on gessoed hardboard
in the collection of Richard Chapman

So I finally completed the first half of a commission started several months ago. As life goes, many events limited the time I had to paint, so it is a slow going commission. However, a very exciting first half! I have been doing workshops, book reading and practicing new techniques in the past year and half and really worked to incorporate all that I have learned along the way into this painting. I did document it's progress and thought it would be fun to share it!

First thing I did was a 9" x 12" study of the basic concept of the painting...

When it came to the 3' x 2' panel, I decided to do the grid method to lay in my drawing. Starting from back to front, I did an underpainting of the trees...

My palette:)...

Starting to lay in the darkest darks...

Background complete! Now for the deer...oops I forgot to take pictures during the deer. Oh well, there's the basic evolution of the painting anyway.

Framed and in it's new home!

Now for the second half. It will have a doe and her fawn and will be a match to the first one. Challenging? Yep!
 Stay tuned for part II :)


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