2010 Bisbee Plein Air Competition - Success!!

So much has happened since the last time I posted a blog. Life just got too busy for cyberspace:) Many adventures to tell!
I will try to play catch-up here and start with what happened in September...
I attended the annual Bisbee Plein Air Competition the second weekend of September. This was my second year with a whole lot of learning under my belt since my first attempt. I had only been doing plein air painting for about a month when I participated last year. Needless to say I felt awkward and my paintings didn't go so well. 
This year, however, was a very different story. First off, I had some confidence in what I was doing - helps for sure. Second, I had a very good painting session - you never know! Sometimes it just doesn't click but this was a definite YES! At the final festivities there is a silent auction with a chance to sell your work and a reward ceremony (first place $500). I was in total shock when both the paintings I entered sold in auction! Really! This was such an encouraging experience. Fun and rewarding. I later came to find through the grape vine that "The Jonquil" had been nominated for first place by one of the judges. No win but rewarding just the same. Such a huge leap from the previous year! I hope to continue in this manner and I will be sure to share with you along the way:)
Here are the paintings from the competition...

"The Jonquil"
12" x 9"
Oil on gesso board

"B is for Bisbee"
9" x 12"
oil on gesso board


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