Camping at Mt. Graham

Over the weekend, Luke and I took a camping trip atop Mt. Graham. It's a little piece of heaven for us desert floor dwellers in the middle of the hottest month of the Arizona year. 
Mt. Graham is located in Southeastern Arizona just a few miles outside of Safford, AZ. Ascending Mt. Graham takes you through 8 botanical zones before reaching the top. Needless to say, I brought my plein air painting gear with!
The beauty was astounding...

The vegetation was so powerful, being used to the desert flora.

We were fortunate to find a camp spot right next to a creek. Another treat for us - water!!

There was much inspiration here, I was seeing the colors in nature so differently and I did my best to absorb all that I was seeing in hopes to bring it to future paintings.

I did manage to produce a plein air painting and some sketches in pencil and watercolor. I still feel I am very much in the learning phase with this style of painting but it is such a pleasure to do!


Caio Fernandes said…
lovely post,Kaya 1
it really is .
and thank you for teaching me that Arizona isn't only about desert .
i liked the painting as well.
Kaia Thomas said…
Thank you so much, Caio! It's a pleasure to be able to share the magic of Arizona! I have lived here for almost 20 years now and it still surprises me.
Char Clouse said…
These are beautiful of our Favorite mountain. That is where my husband proposed to me. Have you painted one of the whole mountain? Its silhouette is so lovely. We are looking for a large one of the mountain to put into our office. Charlene Clouse
Kaia Thomas said…
Thank you so much Char!
Mt. Graham is a very magical spot and a place I love to visit during the summer months.
I do not have a painting of Mt. Graham at this time but I am always open to doing a commission if you like:)
you can reach me here...


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